Henny Loves Africa

“Nothing but breathing the air of Africa, and actually walking through it, can communicate the indescribable sensations.” (William Burchell (English explorer)


My name is Sarah Hennessy and I have a deep rooted passion for travel across the continent of Africa. Since my first visit many years ago on an overland truck I have re-visited several times a year, making sure to enjoy new and exciting destinations across South, East and West Africa.

I am truly in my happy place just siting on a safari truck in search of wild animals, sat watching a sunset over the many beautiful beaches, or enjoying a meal in one of the excellent restaurants of Cape Town or JoBurg!

Back in 2015 I decided to turn my passion into my work and I set up a small travel company called African Star Tours in my home country of the UK so that I could share some of my favourite trips and destinations with other like-minded travellers. I usually travel alone, on small group accommodated tours (no camping!) or with a small group of friends. I firmly believe in staying in locally owned lodges and working with local companies to ensure that those benefiting from tourism are the ones most impacted by it. I am not typically a luxury traveller as I believe there are fantastic mid-range properties out there in fantastic locations with beautiful views, great wildlife experiences and amazing African service. I am always trying to seek out little ‘hidden gems’ that offer something different to the standard packaged tours.

I started this blog in support of my small business, but also as a point of information for those who are looking to get some inspiration about travel to Africa, must do experiences, unmissable destinations and unique trips.

I hope you enjoy reading my blogs – and if there are any specific areas you would like to write about then do not hesitate to get in touch!